Our Story

The Shining Stones of Britain

At Britannicus we celebrate our love for British stone. By nurturing our stone from the moment it leaves the quarry, we create the shining stones of Britain.

Britain's unique geology is a raw material of rare natural beauty. Polishing reveals a true character which we want everyone to appreciate as much as we do. So, we take a unique approach to the industry, which unites all factions to champion all that British stone can offer, for everyone to enjoy.

Yet, very few people recognise its true worth.

Most decorative stone used in the UK is imported, because too few architects, specifiers and customers have discovered British stone. As an industry, we've made it too easy for competitor materials and producers to sell themselves much better. So, now is the time for Britannicus to shine.

Britain’s unique geology is a raw material of rare natural beauty

Our stone comes from highly regulated and environmentally sustainable UK quarries with a social license. Our stone products can be recycled over and over again, so changes in the Building Regulations - combined with a renewed drive to buy the very best of British - makes Britannicus Stone the natural choice today.

Nurturing our stone from the moment it leaves the quarry.

We nurture our stone throughout its lifecycle, using state-of-the-art facilities. By fully controlling the process - from quarry to perfected product - we delight our customers every time. And we are using our experience and know-how to educate a whole new alliance of advocates for British stone.

We create the shining stones of Britain.

The finest decorative products. Which are unattainable anywhere else. By inspiring specifiers, architects and customers to champion British stone as we do, we continue to grow a sustainable business in an industry that is reinvigorated by our energy and passion.

When polished British carboniferous limestone is often referred to as Shining Stone because of the way it takes a polish.